Plants added and removed.

I had to remove the broad leaf Ludwigia as it was dieing off and I’m not sure why.  The algae I am fighting seemed to favor the leaves even with a limited light schedule and this was before I added CO2.  I have since added Blyxa and a more narrow leaf Ludwigia and both seem to be doing better.  I have a problem with trumpet snails uprooting the Blyxa so getting them established is being an issue.

I upgraded my light to a Finnex Planted+ 24/7 but have it on a timer as 24/7 mode seems to help the algae grow.  With that I added a GLA regulator and CO2 to run on the same timer as the lights and so far it looks to be working well.  The Java Moss is expanding rapidly as well as the Dwarf Sagittaria. This is just a place that I am sharing my struggles getting into the aqua paradise ca and jumping directly into the planted high tech side.

Today is tank maintenance day as well as adding the liquid ferts until later this next week when I get my Bendazole Fenbendazole to try and fight off the Hydra that is now growing in my tank.  Thankfully they have started to show up after my RCS shrimplets have gotten to a decent size.

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